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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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0001 >> packing heat on the hill. congress proposes a new plan to allow lawmakers to carry guns anywhere in d.c.. >> also a storm alert. topper is tracking more dangerous, icy weather. >> this is 9 news now. >> e freezing rain with asphalt, and this is what you get. a road sending cars spinning out of control. >> that's video in pittsburgh wf ice covered just about everything. what can we expect here?
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let us get to chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> we'll start with the tempera. we're looking at temperatures just above freezing but outside the beltway, 32 in baltimore, and 32 in haggers town and that's critical. there is a dense fog advisory in the west areas. there will be fog on both sides, and there's the interchange right now, and it is bad. there are patches of freezing rain up around frederick and temperatures are around 32, but 33 and 35 downtown so i think south of town we're going to be all right tonight. let's go back to the computer. overnight, then. light rain, freezing rain north and west and dense fog. lows 28 to 34 winds light. and we'll come back and look
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ahead to possibly a bigger storm thursday night. >> the metro back up and runninr down power lines for service at three stations just shut down. riders at shady grove, rockville, twinbrook all had to wait out in the cold, and even then the buses had problems and then the riders got more frustrated. >> very inconvenient. disappoiny transit we get from washington d.c. here. >> on the way here this morning i got stopped because of cables and then on the way back, i have to take a shuttle now, and it's just messed today. >> not happy. meanwhile crews we outage and couldn't say if the downed lines were caused from the icy conditions this morning. it also caused problems for trains in rockville but back up and running tonight. despite city laws banning
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it, they want members of congress to carry concealed weapons. >> he says it's just the first p to allow anyone other than felons to carry guns in the criminal capital of the country. gary is here with details on that story. >> his plan is legislation thatw members to carry guns. he says he doesn't worry about security on capitol hill but sees d.c.'s streets differently. >> the main issue is carrying ie criminal capital of the country because local leaders says there shouldn't be any guns and therefore the only guns there are law enforcement and criminals. >> opposed to the plan, d.c.'s n congress says it stands little chance of passing. >> the idea is as bizarre as its dangerous. >> delegate to congress elenor.
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>> we are very proud of how our crime and our gun rate has gone down. >> she says crime rates will sps the argument. >> once people see when you allow law-abiding people to carry a gun, the crime rate goes down, and then we'll be able to move that more so that everyone else in d.c. that is law-abiding and convicted of a felony could carry a weapon and it's not just the criminals once you leave the capital. >> this is not a case of who draws faster. if that's the case, the criminal usually wins that because he comes by surprise. i think we have to let law enforcement do its job. >> fellow republican control thg op leadership has not indicated this plan has a high security.
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local leaders sees this has a sign that home rule can be under assault with some members of the house wanting to override already legislation. >> new at 11:00, right now polie working the scene of a deadly pedestrian accident. it happened in the 7000 block near dodge park just after 7:00 this evening. police say three juveniles were crossing the street when an suv hit one of them. they took the 15-year-old victim to the hospital where he later died. officers say they were in a crosswalk at the time of the crash but crossing against the light. no word yet if any charges will be filed. only on 9 tonight, a northwest washington after school program is teaching an unexpected lesson. >> the church was ransacked oves
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andrea mccarren tells us, donation jars are helping them build new. >> it is showing the children how to transform tragedy into triumph. >> thieves forced their way inth and kicked in a door. >> i peered inside and noticed e sort of shuffled about our jars were laying around empty, and definitely noticed the computers were missing right away. >> they snatched two computers h their spirit. there is no anger, no self pity. >> we don't want to point finger blame. that's not going to move us forward. >> if someone else is hurting, l pennies from a child. >> the men toring and educationd by the white house had been fund raising to build a new facility and serve more children that need them the most. >> right in the midst of you trg to make your breakthrough, someone is trying to make a break in.
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>> the students are taught abous in history. >>they learn about the heros and making good choices and the consequences of bad decisions and this is a good teaching experience. >> the place that we do our edun , our training and our teaching was left in tact, and to me that's not accidental, or coincidental and our children still feel safe in this space. >> the next chapter in this less still to be written, and that is the reaction of the community school administrators expect nothing less than a major outpouring of support. >> well tonight tributes are por a man that spent no time in public office, but a lifetime in public service. he fought in world war ii and became founding director of the peace core and created such programs as head-start.
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>> we only have one war. we hava war for the freedom of people, and for opportunity for all people regardless of race, color or creed. >> in 1972, he served as democrg mate. and later years worked with his late wife to expand the special olympics. he was diagnosed with alzheimers disease in 2003. president obama calls him one of the brightest lights of the greatest generation. >> prince george county plans te police officers and enlisting the help of federal agencies. they report 13 homicides since the 1st of the year. the police department has reassigned 18 detectives and sending more officers to parole neighborhoods where the crimes have happened. it's a scam intended to earn
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a quick buck, but now one of the oldest tricks in the books is catching a lot of attention. >> this may land you deeper that on the ground. >> one scammer, two scammer, three scammer, four. aside from landing on their hienys, all these fake fallers were caught on tape. >> this has been around for ever because people think they can get away with it. >> it's not that easy anymore, s from the coalition against insurance fraud. according to him this crime is by creed and they star in their own incriminating videos. >> crooks are assuming that they or business will just roll over and give them the cash. >> that was this woman's attentx . take a close look. she slips on a hot dog in a
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store, but if you remind the video, you'll see what led up to the scene. her aaccomplice is seen buying the hot dog, and then puts it on the floor. boom, busted for fraud. >> they're up against a large bf all knowing surveillance cameras all over. and a lot of these scams are busted wide open because of cameras like these, they're not always around, and experts say it might not be bad to have your own phone handy. maybe you can help solve one of these scam cases. these florida women didn't need help getting caught. one smears water on the ground, and the other sits on the ground. >> they rob us all. the cost ofe really come back to us at cash register when we pay for groceries or department store. who do you think pays the pass
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along cashes when it's paid out. >> fraud cases are set to cost 2 billion a year. 2010 saw about 50% increase in fake slip and fall cases. just so you know, this happens so much the internet is loaded with these videos catching the artist red-handed. they're easy to see, if you want to see more yourself, we've posted a link on our facebook page. >> tonight, brown spots, wrinkld looking hands? >> time to get rid of it. >> with a little fill and flash. >> i can already see an improvement. >> time to turn back the hands of time come, coming up. [ male announcer ] with fios you can start a movie in here... ♪ ...then continue it over here... ♪
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>> let talk about the hands of time and what they do to our hands. the effects of ageing are often most pronounced on this skin more than the face. in tonight's report, two-step approach. >> the age spots came a few yeas ago, but the wrinkling has really been more recent. so it's time to do something exciting and get rid of it. >> ellen of silver springs, this look older than her face and she wants a
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change. over a year ago, dr. howard brooks injected her cheeks and she said it added fullness that lasts. >> you go in, and a week later you are 10 years younger. >> today dr. brooks is injecting the same fillers on the backs of her hands. >> as the hand ages, why do we start seeing these formations in the hand? >> the hands age, and we lose the collagen underneath the skin, and when we lose that support structure, we lose the volume. >> he literally spreads out theo bring back a plumper look. fillers can soften the hand's appearance dramatically. then it's time for protective eye wear. dr. brooks uses intense pulse-like therapy to destroy the age spots. the color will look darker right
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after treatment before the spots fade away. >> you need to be aware it's not going to look great right away. >> exactly. there's a little bie . >> dr. brooks says treatment fos is $1,000. >> lots of needles and lazers that don't look comfortable. >> you think it might hurt? >> it might hurt. >> obviously everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, and women do better than men. but ellen insisted it wasn't that bad. the area can be numb before hand. so needles yes, painful, no. coming up tomorrow morning at 6:15, dr. brooks will be live in the studio to talk about the things we can do to protect our skin from ageing too fast, and really drying out in the winter months. >> many of us like to try the do it yourself projects,
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remodel a kitchen, create new landscape in your yard, but performing surgery? that's what a company is offering online. it's an at-home gastric surgery kit. it was intended to be used at a medical center and they are outraged. >> caught on tape. a close callh . inside a united kingdom convenience store and take a look, a woman was pulling up to to park the car when the car kept going just barely hitting a customer inside. you can see the shelves come crashing down with the car. thankfully no one was seriously hurt, not even the driver. she walked away without a scratch, and said she just doesn't remember what happened. on january 25th, president barack obama will deliver the state of the union address, but this time around mr. might
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be as many eyes watching the audience as ears listening to the commander in chief. >> the state of the union has be a political theater applauding or scowling for the camera. he's urging the republicans and democrats hey, let's sit together. it's hardly what you call radical unity, but so far, only 43 lawmakers have signed on, and it's mostly democrats. so what's the problem? everyone is saying they want to change the tone, find ways to work together. so why not sit together for the big speech. does sitting on your hands mean that much to you, really? there's plenty of time to disagree, to pass your bills, to
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be democrats and republicans. let's be real. what we need is for you to be better. >> we're looking at icy conditig ? >> nothing like this morning. but there will be patches and i can't emphasize enough, the sidewalks, drive ways and let's start outside. if you're an early commuter and it's dark when you come in, use your low beams and allow extra time. look at the temperatures this is a live shot of the capital. visibility is not terribly low every where, but it will be in the next few hours. temperatures, critical. 32 in arlington, 35 downtown, not too bad, but 32 in great falls. satellite picture and radar, the good news, this is not an organized storm. we're not looking at much prescription, and should be out of here in the early part, if not
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before the morning xhutd tomorrow. in the meantime -- commute tomorrow. in the meantime we have patches and you can access this on our website and we had rain on the west side of 95 and we'll zoom up to 70 where you see the pink. this is a mixture so you have a mixture of freezing rain around clarksburg and unlike yesterday, i don't think we'll see snow or sleet. it will be rain or freezing rain. let's go back to the compudense fog early tomorrow, and advisory goes until 7:00 a.m. slick spots are also possible tomorrow, bridges and overpasses and overpasses. now our 9 future cast we see clouds every where by about 12:15 on wednesday, but the good news is, all the prescription will be
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gone by early morning. in fact, by afternoon we'll see breaks in the clouds, really a pretty nice day for mid to late january, and we'll be snowing again tomorrow night and tomorrow afternoon west of the divide out towards garrett county and oakland. get into thursday, guess what, clouds come back. they'll be another storm quickly on the heels as we get into thursday night and friday. all right, for overnight. light rain, some freezing rain north and west. lows 28 to 32 with light winds. tomorrow morning, early shower possibly, early dense fog, and early black ice possible. by afternoon we salvage a pretty nice day. partly cloudy highs near 45, that's above average and winds 15 to 15. so -- 10 to 15. all right, the next three days. partly cloudy tomorrow, colder on thursday clouds come in,
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there's the snow developing thursday night into friday morning. 38 on thursday, 35 on friday. going to be a huge storm? probably not. significant storm with accumulating snow? probably. next seven days. after that we really get cold. 37 on sunday, and more snow on monday and tuesday. it's light snow at this point, and maybe light snow changing to a mix on tuesday with temperatures back in the upper 30s. >> a lot of flakes there, thoug. >> a lot of flakes. we thought that they were really good? >> we thought . >> we didn't know. >> we e a local team in the ncaa tournament this year. georgetown on the ropes again. same story for the caps against the flyers. sports coming up next.
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>> at this point last year, the caps were doing well, and this year is completely different. possibly groin injury for him, and probably not fairing well either was jaru three caps around them. flyers up 2-0. 3rd period, don't count out the caps, and it's 2-1. ovechkin ties it up, and overtime they say court is adjourned. they win 3-2 in overtime. wizard's coach missed today'e tending to his mother that is in intensive care. saunders will try to make it back for wednesday's game. somehow georgetown is still
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the 23rd ranked team in the nation. and i think that derek and his old balling buddies could beat rutgers. i think so. 3 minutes to go. watch robinson there. hall up by 6, but georgetown looked like they were in trouble and got the ball to julian that was paying rent in the pifot because he was living there. vot because he was living there. jordan for the tie, yes! no. his foot was on the line. 16th ranked ladies left their defense up on the hill. she had 22 points, and they fall 80-58. all right. time for you to pick this week's game of the week.
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we have a good slate coming up for you. finally the auzy open. this is your first round. your top seed player is cruising against daniels that decided he was done. he quit. >> he quit? >> check this out. returning see we showing you this? check this out. you don't see tn . breaks the rock racket in half. >> -- racket in half. >> i guess that would break the point. >> it just shattered in half. >> don't quick your day job. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] most women in america
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>> the fog is ominous. be careful out there. that's our broadcast. >> and don't forget we're alwayt letterman is next. goodnight.
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